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An app to help companies gather and take care of great ideas from their brilliant people.

Accelerate innovation and growth with a fast and
easy crowdsourcing of new ideas and solutions.

Trusted by world-class companies.

Why Hives?

A Permanent Tool For Constant Change

Empower your employees with the Hives app – gather and engage in bright ideas from all over your organisation in the easiest way possible

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Gather ideas in a simple and more effective way

Use the joint force and minds of your employees and empower them with a smooth tool to easily share their best and brightest ideas. Everyone will feel included, and the notion that their ideas and opinions are highly valued will improve both participation and team spirit throughout your entire organisation.

Set the tone with specific challenges

Set the tone with specific challenges

Truly challenge the creative minds of your organisation by picking your main issues, and asking the collective force of your team to solve a particular problem or improve a specific business area. The best ideas will present themselves as everyone gets to rate, vote and comment on the suggestions they like the most.

See trending topics in real time & bring the best ideas to life

See trending topics in real time & bring the best ideas to life

When an idea is trending thanks to lots of votes and high engagement, it’s time to take action. With the help of the rating system, it’ll be much easier than before to manage, structure and plan tasks as well as prioritize the workload. And since the idea is coming from within the organisation, the need is real and the solution is valuable.

Analytics and insights will point you in the right direction

Analytics and insights will point you in the right direction

In order for your organisation to grow and stay innovative, you need to know what’s going on within. With in-depth analytics and insights, you’ll get a better understanding of how and where ideas arise in your organisation. Use this to create a greater commitment and a desire for long term participation, and to visualise the best ideas and hail the more active team members.

The Hives.co Blog – What’s All The Buzz About?

All the goodies and sweet-stuff on employee engagement and idea management you need

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The Hives.co Blog – What’s All The Buzz About?

Tap into the potential of your organisation

Crowdsource Ideas | Hives.co

Crowdsource Ideas

Hives gives you access to a great knowledge bank of insights and expertise. Use it to make smarter decisions, as well as innovate and improve the growth of the organisation.

Always on the go | Hives.co

Always on the go

Ideas usually pop up when you least expect it. So increase efficiency with Hives available at your fingertips wherever you are and regardless of the device you’re using.

Inspiration with gamification | Hives.co

Inspiration with gamification

The Hives dashboard shows @mentions, comments, likes, favourites, trending ideas and top contributors in real time, and thus inspires everyone to always bring their A-game.