Get the insight, ideas, and results you need in your innovation work.

Hives supports Innovation Teams in making sure they focus their work on relevant matters, and reach their desired outcomes. At the same time, Hives provides an easy way to engage as many people and perspectives as possible, collecting insights and ideas that become the foundation for successful innovation work.   

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Create a Hive and set the Scope to define a strategic Area of Innovation and start a new initiative.

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Gather, cluster and make sense of the insights you gain within the area you are exploring.

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Define the right problem, based on structured insights and learnings, that is valuable for you to solve.

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Collect ideas from colleagues or anyone you'd like, and evaluate and develop them into realisable concepts. 

Create a Hive and define a strategic Area of Innovation, and start a new initiative.

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A Hive contains all your work within a certain initiative or area. You can set the Scope for your work, gather and make sense of Insights, create Challenges, collect and collaborate around Ideas and drive the ideas forward.

Your set of Hives is your innovation portfolio.

Decide if you want to use the entire workflow or only focus on insights or ideas. Invite the people you want to collaborate with. You can easily set up the Hive to fit your need and involve anyone you'd like.
Focus the work within your Hive by defining it's Scope. This also help everyone involved to strive in the same direction. 

Setting up a Hive for each innovation initiative helps you structure and focus your work as you will have all in one place. This gives you an overview over your innovation portfolio and can support you in prioritising and learning, and in visualising progress. 

Gather, cluster and make sense of the insights within the area you are exploring.

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Insights are learnings and information that helps you understand your Scope. They can come from any employee who has gained an insight in their everyday work, or be the result of your exploratory work (customer interviews, trend analysis etc).  

Maybe you involve all your colleagues, or set aside time for your team to seek insights within you Scope. Each time you draw a conclusion, insight or learning inside the Scope of the Hive, submit an insight and attach your finding or data. When you are ready, cluster all insights to make sense out of them and allow them to become the foundation for you work going forward.

Starting an innovation initiative means starting something new. Starting the journey by learning is crucial in order to make sure you are solving the right problem for the right users, on the right market etc. Gathering and structuring insights is a great way of doing just that, while ensuring that your innovation work becomes valuable and become a good foundation of you Challenges and Ideas. 

Define the right problem, based on your insights, that is valuable to solve.

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Challenges are concrete problem statements that are based on the learnings and knowledge you have gained. The challenge is supposed to describe the need we want to fill, why and for whom, in order to help people contribute with relevant and valuable ideas. Here you can set the scene for ideation!

Set the scene for people to create great ideas. Having posed and shared a challenge - this is were your idea collection starts - and you can collect ideas from anyone you'd like! This allows you to gather large amount of ideas and have everyone contribute with possible solutions, from different perspectives, to your specific Challenge.

Posing a Challenges is a great way of making sure you get ideas relevant to your Scope, and it sets people's creativity on fire! When asking for ideas for a certain problem or question your will raise the quality of the ideas!

Collect ideas from colleagues or anyone you'd like, and evaluate and develop them.

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An idea is a possible solution to a Challenge. Challenges can be broad or narrow, and so can ideas - there is no limit! In Hives, you easily gather ideas from anyone you'd like, at any time, and gain many relevant ideas as possible. Hives gives employees an outlet for their engagement, and innovators the power of many perspectives! 

Share your Challenge and people can easily start submitting ideas. When ideas are submitted, they go into your predefined workflow where you can feedback, rate, pose questions and evaluate them. Your step by step workflow supports you in taking the ideas to reality and create real value within your set Scope.

The more people you can engage, the more perspectives you will gain, and the more likely you are to find those breakthrough ideas. Succeeding with your innovation initiatives is all about engaging many people and making sure to utilise their knowledge and ideas to build your values of tomorrow. 

People-Driven Innovation

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