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Organize your Innovation Work

Your Innovation Streams, Insights, Challenges, and Ideas.
Side by side – working together.

Hives Innovation Platform (kopia)
hives makes innovation possible


Make your Innovation process flexible

Flexible yet structured. Create, Change, Redo and Try Again – on your terms.


Hives Process
Hives Add Hive

Structure with hives

A Hive is a defined or strategic area of innovation that clearly defines an area relevant for the company to innovate within. We call the innovation area a Hive.


Bring clarity to the organization

It's important that everyone in the organization understands what projects are moving forward into testing. Hives gives you that structure.


Engage employees

Hives is built to perform the best when it's people are activated. That means that you will have the best impact and results when having employees come up with ideas based on your challenges.

Chat support

Superhero Support

We like helping our customers setting up with ease. Taking on a new platform should not be hard, that's why we focus a lot on help, support, training and built in workflows.




with hives all you innovation work in one place

With Hives - all your Innovation Work in one place

Many tools in one. No more messy all-over-the-place workspaces.

This is how Hives works



Get your Hives in order
Hives are defined or strategic areas for your Innovation Work.
Name them wisely.


Some say areas of Innovation
You might say vision, subject, scope, track or stream.
We call them Hives.

Hives Create new Hive


Make sense of your data
Gather insights safe and structured. Attach all kinds of data.


Encrypted, secured, and full of potential
Hives use PBKDF2 with SHA256-hash for security.
Upload your data securely. 

Hives Insight-1


Define the right problem
Define the right problem to solve based on structured insights.


Ask small questions 
By asking small questions about your challenge you'll get more qualified ideas.

Hives Challenge


Engage to succeed
Collect ideas from employees and others. Prioritize, evaluate, and realize.


Get the best ideas for the right problem
The quality of ideas depends heavily on how well you define the problem that needs to be solved.

Hives Idea




Safe and Secure

Hives is heavily secured at every layer using PBKDF2 with SHA256-hash. Its 100% cloud-based architecture is secured behind a VPC.

Common Login Access

Use the tools you already use when browsing the world. To register and sign in you can use your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account. Or your normal e-mail address.

Bring clarity into your Innovation Work

With Hives you see the whole picture