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3 min read

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. What's the difference?

If you are familiar with the expression AI, then surely you have also come into contact with the concepts Machine Learning and Deep Learning? These three expressions are often used synonymously, but a...

3 min read

How to embrace continuous improvement

Talking about rapid movement is not just a cliché. Most companies have understood that it will be difficult to keep up with the change of pace today without daring to take calculated risks on an almos...

3 min read

How to engage employees in 5 actionable steps!

Constant communication, trust, openness, frequent feedback, and recognition—that's what research consistently recommends that leaders should focus on in order to improve employee engagement. In other ...

4 min read

The Human View: 5 Tips For Building A Better Digital Workplace

Alongside my colleagues at UCIT and Hives, I work with organizations across the Nordics region to help them create better digital workplaces for their teams. When I engage in projects and change manag...

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