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Hack Innovation and evolve your ideas to new business.


Innovation can be challenging. Let’s change that.

Hives is a tool for Innovation Management.

We researched the needs in thousands of companies & organisations and transformed the needs into a platform, so you can tackle innovation with ease.

It’s nice looking, got a people-friendly interface and you setup your workflow within minutes.

Easier to gather insights, run challenges and engage all of your employees in innovation.

innovation made fun, easy and engaging

Stay in lead or be left behind

We enable Innovation for thousands every day. Try Hives - €95 first month.

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So, what brings you here today?

I'm looking for software to manage innovation

And I would like to know how hives could help med gain control.

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I'm already using another software for innovation

But I have a feeling that innovation doesn't have to be that complicated.

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