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Make innovation easy with hives and get the insights, ideas, and results you need in your innovation work.

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All your innovation work in one place

Sharepoint-forms, spreadsheets, a few trello boards and a couple of hundred post-it-notes? We feel you, it’s a hard day’s work. Gathering all of your innovation efforts in Hives instead will make innovation easy to visualize and fun to engage in.

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Make your Innovation work the best it can be

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Set up your own workflow without any hassle

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Define your innovation areas & challenges

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Invite and collaborate with anyone you need

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Create one Hive for each Innovation initiative

Any project, initiative or area you would like to explore and innovate within, is easily set up as a Hive. Within the Hive, you will gather the results of you work and all the information you need to make sure you get relevant results from your work.

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Set the Scope and make the framing & direction clear

In each Hive you set up, you can state a scope for your new initiative, communicating a clear framing and direction, and setting the right expectations. This gives you the best possible conditions to focus your work and collaborations, and achieve the things you want.

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Explore, gather insights, find knowledge and gain learnings

Gather insights from anyone you'd like, and structure your learnings to make sure you have explored the scope before you frame your Challenge or problem statement. All the information you need at your fingertips. It is easily clustered to the topics of your choice, making sure you move ahead solving the right problem. 

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Form a challenge that targets ideas to the right problem

To make sure you end up solving problems that are important to you and your context, you create challenges outlining the problem or need you have identified. This helps people target their ideas towards what you've learned is valuable. The best part? There's no limit for the number of participants.

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Gather ideas from all kinds of people - any time, anywhere

The more voices and perspectives you engage, the more likely you are to find your breakthrough idea. Hives makes it easy to find a way to contribute, and fun and rewarding to engage. This is the platform for collaborating and building ideas into concepts together. And hey, Hives also helps you evaluate and move forward with ideas, making sure you pick and realize the right ideas for your Scope and Challenge.

Making innovation easy all around the globe

h&m + vinci -
absolut company + sbab -
coca-cola + tui -
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People-Driven Innovation

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The Definitive Guide: What is Innovation?


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