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Your employees don't want to get measured, they want to engage. Let them.

Hives is an app to let everyone of your employees contribute with their ideas to create a better workplace and solve the business' challenges. And at the same time, save heaps of time for all of your managers.


digital human resources innovation

How it works for Innovation Management


Challenge your organisation to bring innovation from Human Resources

Challenge your organisation

All organisations has challenges on different levels. In hives you can challenge your organisation by describing missions and bring the power of your whole company to solve them.

HR will thrive by bringing ideas from employees

Collect brilliant ideas

Your employees are carrying lots of ideas, and the ideas often pops up when you least expect it. That’s why you can use hives.co as an app on any device, iPhone, Android, as well as any kind of desktop.

How to save time for managers and leaders acting on employee feedback

Save time for management

Long gone are the times where boring sharepoint set-ups and spreadsheets has to take time and energy from your managers and leaders. This app is built to make it quick for managers to see what’s relevant to them and take care of ideas in a easier way that’s ever been seen.

Analyse employee feedback to create engagement in the company

Analyse what’s important to you

Want to know how many ideas are coming from different groups in your company? or maybe the time it takes from a created idea to an implemented change in specific areas of business? we’ve got you covered, everything is possible to analyse in tailored dashboards.

Got employee engagement and workforce development on your agenda?

Give employee feedback to get a higher employee engagement


Highly engaged employees recieve continuous feedback, make that part easy for your leaders.
This is how to give employees recognition to make them shine


Everyone like to be seen, let people with great ideas shine in a transparent digital community.
Let people grow by letting them contribute and develop the company


People grow when they are able to contribute, so why not let them?
Employee engagement creates a higher revenue


2,5x as big are the revenues from companies with a high degree of employee engagement.
Want to be a busy bee and see Hives in action? | Hives.co

Want to be a busy bee and try the Hives app in action?

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All the goodies and sweet-stuff on employee engagement and idea management you need

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All the goodies and sweet-stuff on employee engagement and idea management you need | Hives.co