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Manage your hackathon in an easier and more engaging way.

Hives is made for you to customize to your innovation model. And at the same time, stay fun and easy to use for everyone in your organization.
hives software for hackathon

How it works for Hackathons


Set the scope for your hackathon and collect ideas

Set the scope and collect ideas

With hives you can easily create challenges for your organisation to get involved in. Solve the business and workplace challenges all together and face the future faster.

engage people in your hackathon and let everyone contribute

Let everyone engage and contribute

Ideas rarely pop up in traditional settings. That's why hives is available for you and all of your colleagues wherever you want, whenever you need.

customise the software to your process and get a structure for your hackathon

Customise to the structure you want

In hives, everyone can find their spark to get started with innovation. You don't to follow any complex methodology in 72 steps, it's easy to set up to match the way you are doing things in your company.

get results from your hackathon by measuring and predict

Analyse, measure, predict and show results

Follow the trends and results in the organisation and get the insights you need to keep innovating. In the dashboard you can get any kind information and show your management to progress going forward.

Get started in seconds

sign in with g suite at your hackathon

Google Suite

Using google in your company? let all of your users connect to hives using their G Suite credentials, easy as a pie!
sign in with microsoft office 365 at your hackathon

Microsoft Office 365

Fans of Office 365? We have a ready-to-go sign in integration with Microsoft Office 365 for hives.
app in mobile and desktop for your hackathon

Use in mobile and desktop

You can use hives on any kind of device. iPhone, Android, Macbook or PC. Your choice, your ideas.
get the help you need to get started with your hackathon

Any help you need

Want some help getting started? or just wanna have some input on a challenge? we've got you covered with a personal contact for you to reach out to.
hives app for innovation

Want to be a busy bee and try the hives.co app in action?


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