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There's a better way to manage innovation.

Hives is a software for Innovation Management that helps you run innovation challenges, capture ideas from all over your organization and take control of the innovation process in your company.
manage innovation with hives.co software

Run Innovation Challenges

Are you spending heaps of time marketing and managing your Innovation Challenges?

Make your organization know about the challanges instantly, and manage the complete process with hives.

Manage Employee Ideas

Managing ideas from employees on sticky notes or in complicated sharepoint forms?

Make it fun and easy for both you and your employees with an engaging app and automated workflows.

The Innovation Workflow

Design Thinking, Lean Start-up or some other methodology to manage innovation?

Doesn't matter what you prefer, in hives you can choose between out-of-the-box workflows or set up your own process.

How it works

Innovation Challenge | hives.co


Run company wide Innovation Challenges

Capturing ideas to solve specific challenges will make innovation relevant for the strategy of your company. Make your challenges and problem statements visible for everyone in your company. 


Innovation ideas | hives.co


Gather ideas from all over your organization

Ideas rarely pop up in traditional settings. That's why hives is available for you and all of your colleagues wherever you want, whenever you need. Make sure to use to power of the crowd and make it easy for everyone in your organization to submit innovative ideas.


contribute to innovation ideas | hives.co


Develop solutions with the power from the crowd

In hives, everyone can find their spark to get started with innovation. You don't to follow any complex methodology in 72 steps, it's easy to set up to match the way you are doing things in your company.

How to rate innovation ideas | hives.co


Validate and prioritize the most valuable solutions

With the help of the rating system, it’ll be much easier than before to manage, structure and plan tasks as well as prioritize the workload. Everyone will feel included, and the notion that their ideas and opinions are highly valued will improve both participation and team spirit throughout your entire organisation.

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