Solve your most important challenges with ideas from the people you need.

Gather ideas, internal or external, to find the right solutions to solve your biggest challenges within sustainability. Stop talking, start taking action.

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h&m + vinci - absolut company and tui finding ideas for innovation
coca-cola + tui -
berghs school + swedbank -

Why sustainability people loves hives

✔ Easy to use      ✔ Gets people engaged      ✔ Moves organizations from talking to taking action




Solutions from anyone you need to solve for sustainability.

Use hives to engage more people in your sustainability work and solve for the future together.

Set up your challenges

Pick between ready-to-go templates, for example the 17 global goals. Or set up your own challenges to solve. 

Gather ideas

Make everyone you need join in on creating ideas to solve your most important challenges.

Collaborate & measure

The power of many perspectives is what drives co-creation. Collaborate on, and measure the ideas you collect with ease.

Make better decisions

Making decisions require information. With templates helping you structure the information you will have beautiful decision decks.

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engage employees in sustainability work

Hives lets you find the right solutions & makes your sustainability efforts matter

People-Driven Innovation

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The Definitive Guide: What is Innovation?


Whether you are a full-blown innovation professional or just starting, if you are driving practical innovation projects or if you as a CEO want to understand the innovation dynamics and learn about why you should invest in innovation - This is the guide for you!



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