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Online Leadership Training


How much is your innovation climate affected by leadership? The short answer is: A lot! If you want innovation to spire and grow inside your organization, you need a trusting and safe culture.


In this online leadership training, participants are given a whole new view of what leadership can be, they are given revolving insights about their deficiencies which gives motivation and self-interest to intensively train the “new”. They learn new ways to relate and lead, and have developed the abilities that generate commitment and responsibility in their employees. This means that they not only gain new insights but change how they are, behave and communicate.

About Tuff Ledarskapsträning

Do you dream of an organization with responsive managers, self-directed employees and a culture of openness and trust? We transform teams, departments or entire businesses, shifting the working climate from dysfunctional to generative. If the working climate is already positive, we help take the quality of the collaboration to new heights by building the capacity to have an advanced feedback culture and more involving ways of working.

We train managers in the kind of leadership that produces motivated, responsible employees and independent teams.

We regularly offer open programs in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, London, Amsterdam, Kiev and also conduct internal programs internationally in classrooms or on-line.

Tuff Ledarskaps-träning

Karin Tenelius

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