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We help leaders create meaningful disruption. 
Disruption from patterns that lead them to overlook the most important part of any business, its people.
Don’t get us wrong - having good processes in place, the right technology and organizational  structure are all important. But what we are most concerned about are the people responsible for making it all work. All too often leaders underestimate the importance of an engaged workforce and the benefits of empowering them. This demands more of leaders than sending out orders and requires instead an ability to communicate, motivate and collaborate. It is only when the right culture is in place that the company can leverage its true capacity. We believe this is true of any organization but even more so of companies with the ambition to drive innovation and adapt quickly to change. 
Developing an innovative and empowered organization demands leadership starting from the top. THREAD has 12 years of experience working with leaders on the edge of these emerging trends and ensuring investments in platforms like Hives are fully aligned with the business case and senior management. This combination is what we believe creates the conditions for companies to drive innovation and make a meaningful impact on the world around us. We work with CEOs and management teams to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Our clients rely on us to be a strategic council on people, leadership and culture. Our business is 100% reference-based and all our customers are long-term partners that have high demands. We love a good challenge and people who are passionate about using their business platform to make our world a better place. Being innovative is at the core of this and our collaboration with Hives is one way to enable clients to continue to grow and raise their level of impact."

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