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About SolidEngineer

SolidEngineer has a long tradition that goes all the way back to the mid 90's. Our product 'InnovationLab', is a free source for you to learn more about innovation management step-by-step.  Our team here at SolidEngineer is combined of consultants with extensive experience on both a strategic and operational level from various backgrounds. We are humble and curious in our approach to understand, inspire and coach each organisation in their respecive field. Our services include workshops & webinars, but also consultancy services within innovation strategy, innovation management and business model innovation. No project is to small or to big, as we can help you all the way, or just a bit on of the way. Either way we are eager to help each customer with our own motto in mind "inspiration to success". 
There is more ideas that needs to be explored as there is more successful ideas out there than you would imagine. With a great strategy and business model you can further develop your company. And by investing in Hives with a great innovation strategy today, you will be prepared for tomorrow. 
Use our innovation measure tool and get an overview of you company's innovation profile.
How can you support Hives' customers? 

Weather if you need help with a specific challenge or with implementing an entire innovation management system, using Hives as your tool, you can trust us to guide your team through the process and build knowledge and capabilities within your team along the way. We’re experienced in working with management teams and innovation teams and what we usually do is:

- Setting an innovation strategy and decide on a few strategic areas for innovation (scopes/hives) that are in line with the overall business strategy. Also discussing the role and aim for innovation.
- Organizing teams and coaching innovation leaders. Together with the team that will be responsible for managing activities and ideas in Hives we will set up the platform and educate the team on how to engage and support coworkers with ideas. Together we also decide on goals for the idea and innovation activities.
- Implementing processes for ideation. Apart from implementing Hives platform we take a look at how to align the processes within your existing processes, making it easy and fun for coworkers to engage.
- Engaging coworkers to create an innovative culture. When launching the new idea and innovation platform we can set up and hold several innovation activities like workshops with Design Thinking method to get the ideas sparking.
- Facilitate workshops/lectures. We love to inspire and to speak about innovation and when we facilitate workshops we tend to be playful but yet keeping a strategic focus.

- Pernilla Ahlberg, Innovation consultant

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Pernilla Ahlberg
Consultant, Innovation Management
072 546 08 46