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Visualisera prototyper snabbare och kickstarta innovationsledet. Få en månad gratis med Hives!


Idéer lider inget företag eller team brist på. Den stora frågan ligger i om ni ser det faktiska problemet eller bara en effekt av just, problemet. I vår workshop identifierar vi det faktiska problemet och går snabbt från idé till verklighet genom visualisering och prototypen. Genom det får ni möjligheten att snabbt få en visuell känsla av idén som ni kan testa på målgruppen.

About Norrhavet

We believe in future oriented businesses. What that means is that we design the conditions that promote innovation in companies and organizations.


Norrhavet helps you discover what is possible, uncover new opportunities and turn them into action, at speed, while working in Hives amazing tool for Innovation!



We provide the design process to the mix of innovation and research, helping you create more rapidly, but also facilitation and design thinking. We preach doing, not just talking about it, the power of different perspectives and prototyping while facilitate fast and effective decision making. Norrhavet operates in the Nordics. We offer all our material in both Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.

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Björn Wikström
Chief Innovation Officer