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Ta tillvara ert lärande
Boka en workshop med Innovation Growth Consulting, och få en månad gratis med Hives!
Ta hjälp för att identifiera era viktigaste utvecklingsområden och använd Hives innovation management-verktyg för att ta tillvara på alla insikter och lösningar som människorna i (och utanför) din organisation kan bidra med.
Lösningarna finns där, och tillsammans kan vi se till att allt lärande som sker just nu inte går förlorat, utan blir konkretiserat och använt för att skapa vår nya verklighet!

About Innovation Growth

IGC can give you the progress you desire with your innovation efforts. We help you to understand your customers future needs, identify new business opportunities, and design profitable customer experiences.

How many good ideas havn’t ended at "we should", or you have perhaps started processes but did not reach the goal because the first prototypes did not become as successful as you hoped?

Now is the time to get started and take the innovation work seriously. But right now you probably don't have time for that. All your resources are busy delivering, so innovation has to wait. 

But hand on heart - will you ever have enough time or resources? 

This is where IGC comes into the picture. We have the time the experience and a passionate commitment to innovation and product development. With effective and proven methods we help you to optimize your chance of a world success and  minimize the risk of wasting time and money on  ideas without business potential.

We are mostly active in Gävleborg and Västernorrland, but are also up for working in locations between Uppsala and Umeå.

Contact Innovation Growth

Pär Hedblom
Innovation Management Consultant

072 212 77 17