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Boka en workshop med Curiosity Shop, och få en månad gratis med Hives!
Ta hjälp för att identifiera era viktigaste utvecklingsområden och använd Hives innovation management-verktyg för att ta tillvara på alla insikter och lösningar som människorna i (och utanför) din organisation kan bidra med.
Lösningarna finns där, och tillsammans kan vi se till att allt lärande som sker just nu inte går förlorat, utan blir konkretiserat och använt för att skapa vår nya verklighet!
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About Curiosity Shop

Curiosity Shop is a T-shaped, tiny mighty hub agency based in Stockholm. From its human centric root it branches out to offer an international ecosystem of knowledge forms for enhanced complex problem solving capacity. We call it Innovation Anthropology and love to work with future curious organizations exploring new ways to become even more purpose/customer driven, innately Response-Able and authentic.

How can you support Hive’s customers?
Departing from your specific needs, we can support you during the different phases of your innovation process from education to practice:
Our vertical core strength is the research phase:
• Guiding you through the jungle of data collection methods to emphatically extract the most meaningful insights.
• Creating engagement and relationships with customers by deeply immersing in the webs of meaning humans spin around brands, products & services.
The horizontal value is innovation facilitation where we can help you with
• Equipping your team with the necessary Design Thinking/Service Design tools, mindsets & methods - the foundations to optimally use Hive’s platform and operationalize your innovation process.
• Help you to zoom in and out (Double Diamond thinking) through mind shifting workshops. From defining your scope and challenge, insight to idea generation to finding new multiperspectival opportunity spaces.
- Eriks Tanos, Curiosity Shop

Contact Curiosity Shop

Erika Tanos

Founder and Innovation Anthropologist at Curiosity Shop AB 
070 288 22 34