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Find your perfect match - our partners are specialized in areas connected to innovation management, and have a large range of competencies aimed at succeeding with innovation! Explore the consultancies below, and get your innovation work, -strategy, -process and -culture going.



Group 60-1
From confusion to action!
Generation Z, sharing economy, gig economy, robots, VR, digitization, AI, and gamificatio...


Group 59-1
We love the complex innovation challenges: A few known customer needs, others yet to be discovered, solution ideas kicke...
Group 54-1
We create innovative organizations!
In a global world with increasing competition and ever-faster...
Group 53-1
House of Sparks
House of sparks help you discover new opportunities and turn them into action, at speed! We provide business development and cha...
Group 61-1
Seek Growth is a small management and innovation consultant firm. Our mission is growth. We help people, ideas...


Group 58-1
Jungle Design

By harnessing data-based methods as well as traditional design methods, we are able to gain a quicker and more accur...



Group 55-1


IGC can give you the progress you desire with your innovation efforts. We help you to understand your customers f...


Group 52-1

Tuff Ledarskapsträning

Do you dream of an organization with responsive managers, self-directed employees and a culture of openness and trust? We tra...


Group 62-1

Oxy Group

Oxy Group consists of experienced consultants with expertise in developing businesses and individuals...


Group 57-1


We are passionate about creating solutions that work.
Every innovation starts with an insight; The change in custome...


Group 56-1

Your Heroes

We create Heroes for tomorrow by helping our client to speed up the change and master the customer experience. Togeth...