Welcome to Hives - Fredrik Heghammar!

  • Alexander Wennerberg Larsson
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Welcome to Hives - Fredrik Heghammar!

Why did you choose to join Hives? After working with innovation for over 20 years, it is more evident than ever that innovation work requires process and structure. We need a home where ideas can go f...

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Extracting the value of innovation

In our previous articles What is Innovation? and How to drive innovation, we have discussed what innovation is and how we can work practically with driving it, from different points of view. This arti...

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3 reasons why Innovation is so hyped

Excerpts from our article The Definitive Guide: What is Innovation? “There is a flurry of X-labs, innovation buzzwords and innovation consultants today, in a way that we have never seen before. But wh...

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3 Important Perspectives for Your Innovation Work

Innovation is broad and can be used in all areas of your business. As our article The definitive guide: What is innovation? states: “As long as what we are developing is new and creates value for many...

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6 challenges in shifting towards a new economy

Today we´ve moved on from the production economy to the knowledge economy, and production optimization is no longer the most significant driver of growth. This new economy demands big shifts both from...

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How to drive innovation

In our previous article, we discussed what innovation is, why we need it and why it is so hyped today. This post is more practically oriented! It will discuss How we drive innovation in practice, How ...

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The Definitive Guide: What is Innovation?

The interest in innovation is snowballing, and it has never been more critical for companies to embrace innovation. Grasping ”the innovation area” and start taking concrete action can, however, feel o...

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Your Innovation Buzzword Library

First of all, what is a buzzword? Well, it's a word or expression from a particular subject area that has become fashionable because it has been used a lot. And you, my lucky friend, have just found t...

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6 steps to gather great employee ideas for improvement

Encouraging employee ideas from all corners of your company is a really valuable resource to drive innovation. Gathering ideas from your employees will not only increase the level of engagement but al...

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