Welcome to Hives - Fredrik Heghammar!

  • Alexander Wennerberg Larsson
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Welcome to Hives - Fredrik Heghammar!

Why did you choose to join Hives? After working with innovation for over 20 years, it is more evident than ever that innovation work requires process and structure. We need a home where ideas can go f...

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The 4 Best Methods To Evaluate Ideas For Your Innovation Pipeline [+Free Templates]

Some argue that in the world of Innovation, the volume of ideas is vital. Others say that it's not. But the fact is that a large number of ideas is crucial to find real breakthrough innovations. And w...

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Driving Remote Innovation While Working From Home

Successfully managing Innovation is critical for any company looking to retain its company's speed and performance. Not being able to drive Innovation is risky and costly both in the short and long te...

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Extracting the value of innovation

In our previous articles What is Innovation? and How to drive innovation, we have discussed what innovation is and how we can work practically with driving it, from different points of view. This arti...

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Product Update: New text editor and improved mobile experience

Hi everyone! 👋 Here's a product update of the latest releases in hives.co.

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3 reasons why Innovation is so hyped

Excerpts from our article The Definitive Guide: What is Innovation? “There is a flurry of X-labs, innovation buzzwords and innovation consultants today, in a way that we have never seen before. But wh...

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3 Important Perspectives for Your Innovation Work

Innovation is broad and can be used in all areas of your business. As our article The definitive guide: What is innovation? states: “As long as what we are developing is new and creates value for many...

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6 challenges in shifting towards a new economy

Today we´ve moved on from the production economy to the knowledge economy, and production optimization is no longer the most significant driver of growth. This new economy demands big shifts both from...

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Step by step guide to different types of Innovation

Different types of Innovation As long as it is new and creates value [further discussed in What is innovation?], innovation can be almost anything. We can however, categorize and name innovation to ke...

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