Innovation made easy.

Hives innovation platform connects people and innovation. It connects organizations and its people within it so they together can drive their business forward.

Organizations around the world use Hives to make their Innovation Work easier, more inclusive, and human - every day. From the largest organizations on the market to smaller companies.

Innovation made easy

Making innovation easy all around the globe

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We are convinced – it´s all about people

Once upon a time we used to be a team of consultants helping organizations manage Change and Innovation. However, early on we saw that many of our clients had a hard time enabling their employees voice their opinions and share their ideas of improvement.


They simply lacked a stable model for constant change. Consequently, without an easy and stable model for how to gather and share ideas change came slow, potentially threatening the health (and wealth) of the organization .



Empowering people, knowledge, experiences, and ideas

Another challenge pretty much every single organization we talk to has is how to harness and harvest all ideas that wants, and needs, to be shared. Every single one of their employees gather inspiration and impressions all day long, and these can transform into great and valuable creative ideas when least expected.

But where are these ideas collected, where are they supposed to be implemented, and how are they best used?



Hives - The tool for companies who wants to make innovation happen

So we decided to create a solution to these problems! A tool that would help organizations enable their employees voice their opinions and share their ideas of improvement AND harness and harvest all ideas that wants, and needs, to be shared.

Hives gives companies that, plus much more. It give them the possibility not only to Innovate, but also to empower themselves and their employees in ways they didn´t even think possible!!


Employ(b)ees (as sweet as honey)

Quick fun fact: did you know that the beehive is a commonly used symbol for industry and corporation?


It makes a lot of sense as all bees in a hive work towards a common goal – collecting, bringing home, and transforming nectar into honey - each with a specific purpose and task. And their process of working together with the purpose to gather nectar and transform it into honey is pretty much similar to how most employees coexist and cooperate within a corporation.

Also, much like a beehive, the wellbeing of, and the culture in, an organization is strongly dependent on the busy employ(b)ees it consists of. Most employees, like bees in a hive, thrive in organizations that has a strong foundation and efficient, stable, and inclusive work processes.


They want to be a part of something bigger, and strives to contribute everywhere they can. 

Would you like to contact anyone in the team? feel free to reach out.


Robin Lilia

Head of Sales & co-founder



Fredrik Heghammar

Chief Transformation Officer & co-founder



Kenny Eriksson

CTO & co-founder



Alexander Wennerberg Larsson
CEO & co-founder